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REVISED Rating Curve Data for USGS Gage #11274790

The following rating curve was generated as part of the research discussed HERE. The rating curve equation is: (Rantz 1982)

with Q = discharge, cfs; G = gage height, ft.; e = 5.75 ft. (USGS 2021); N = 2.7501 and P = 10.2544 (Boardman et al. 2021).

Apply the above equation with the listed values to obtain RECALIBRATED estimates of discharge from 00065 GAGE HEIGHT reported by USGS 11274790 TUOLUMNE R A GRAND CYN OF TUOLUMNE AB HETCH HETCHY.

Cite this data as: Boardman, E.N., Renshaw, C.E., Dethier, E.N., & Boardman, J.W. (2021). Recalibrated rating data for USGS gage number 11274790. Eli Boardman Mountain Hydrology.