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Operational Tools, Uncompromising Science

Water Supply Forecasting

  • Fully scalable research-grade hydrological modeling leveraging an exclusive data-driven customization pipeline for the Distributed Hydrology Soil Vegetation Model (DHSVM)
  • Patent-pending method for physically based snow data assimilation reveals the full value of emerging snow monitoring technologies including maps of snow water equivalent (SWE)
  • Process-based water supply forecasts available in real-time for any watershed in the West

Hydrological Research and Development

  • Proven track record of identifying overlooked physical processes, such as wind redistribution, that are critical for understanding droughts and climate effects in mountain watersheds
  • Specialized in the synthesis of field data, remote sensing, and modeling, including rigorous uncertainty quantification

Operational Decision Support

  • Multi-benefit decision support tools include vertically integrated data and modeling pipelines
  • Providing concrete pathways for the efficient management of economic, cultural, and environmental water resource goals on daily to decadal timescales
  • Quantifying the water resource benefits, risks, and uncertainties of forest restoration plans
  • Pioneering the development of forecast-informed agricultural adaptation to optimize seasonal planting, irrigation, diversion, and recharge strategies at the irrigation district scale


Eli Boardman

  • NSF Graduate Research Fellow and Hydrology PhD student at the University of Nevada, Reno
  • B.A. cum laude Dartmouth College, Physics and Environmental Earth Sciences


To advance the science of mountain hydrology with holistic research at the intersection of measurement, modeling, and management; to deliver operational tools leveraging the best-available science; and to promote the resilience of mountain water resources.

5 generations of investment in Western water

Strong fidelity to physical modeling foundations

Diverse stakeholder and management partnerships

Unparalleled mountain snow field campaigns

Always grounded in real data from nature

Committed to education and outreach

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